About Us

Our Chairman, Ian (Brooksie) Brooks, is a seasoned competitor in both rallycross and latterly Tarmac Stage Rallying at International and National level.  Ian still owns his Peugeot 106GTi but claims to be ‘far to busy to really enjoy his motorsport’ although you will see him acting as Clerk of the Course at Longmoor Loco and as a Deputy Clerk on the Tempest Rally.

Ian is always available to offer advice and guidance and has been instrumental in launching the motorsporting careers of many new members over the years.  By trade, Ian is an accountant at PCW in the City but don”t let the pinstripe suit fool you as he is never happier then when he is shifting sodden truck tyres or loading road cones onto a trailer!

Dave Whyman Secretary
Club Secretary Dave Whyman also acts as the Championship Co-Ordinator of the Hamilton Classic ACSMC Sprint and Hillclimb Championship so he”s the man if you have any queries related to speed events.  A former IT Project Manager (now retired) Dave is often found relaxing (ha, ha) at his house in France so he is also a good guy to talk to about competing abroad.  Dave started his motorsport career during the 70”s and 80”s as a Rally Navigator alongside his brother on many National and local rallies so he knows a bit about the ”Black Art” of Co-Driving as well!

Barry Guess Membership, Vice Chairman & Competition Sec[/caption]
Vice Chairman, Competition Secretary and part-time Membership Secretary Barry Guess is a bit of an all-rounder.  An International Rally Clerk of the Course, Speed Clerk of the Course and experienced MSA Steward it’s definately a case of ‘Been there – Done that’

Events-wise, Barry heads up the Teams which create and organise the clubs events including our co-promoted Abingdon Motorsport CAR-nival (of which he is Event Director) and until recently, the South of England Tempest (of which he was the Clerk of the Course and Rally Manager).

Recently retired from his role as Chairman of the Association of Central Motor Clubs (ACSMC), Barry now Stewards many high-profile events such as the British Truck Grand Prix and European Drag Racing Championships – He was also instrumental in the competition side of the Race of the Champions for its 2 year run at Wembley.  Finally, when he”s got a few minutes spare, he acts as a Forestry Commission and Longcross Liaison Officer.

Norman Phillips Treasurer[/caption]
Our Treasurer Norman Phillips, is truly the Finance Man of the Club, controlling all the checks and balances, keeping the club on a level footing so that is can organise and promote its events with sound financial confidence.  Norm prides himself on not having any motorsport competition background as it allows him to remain neutral having never experienced any ”Red Mist”.  Norm is a former Metropolitan Policeman who ran both the Met Police and Biggin Hill Flying Clubs, as well as being the Financial Controller of Reigate & Redhill Rugby and Squash Clubs. A lot of his time is now taken up overseeing sailing”s National Speedweek in Weymouth although Norm ”relaxes” by acting as Facilities Manager on all Sutton & Cheam events, making sure all the kit is in good order and available in the right place at the right time.

Keith Mainland Social and General Committee
Scot Keith Mainland is an immigrant from the true North who finds it fascinating that we can run rallies without mountains and snow.  Enormously experienced in all facets of motor sport, Keith is one of those annoying people who retains just about every piece of information he reads or hears – hence he wins all the quizzes!  Married to International Co-Driver Angelica Fuentes, Keith travels back and forth between London and Mexico for the La Carrerra Panamerica (The Last American Road Race) with the odd diversion to Pike”s Peak where he acts as Team Manager for Doug Mocket”s 1954 Studebaker!  In quieter times, Keith runs Karam Dhala”s 4 x 4 Corsa on UK events as well as masterminding the Clubs Social Program,