About Us


Chris Phillips – President

One of the longest serving members of the Club, Chris Phillips was appointed Honorary President in 2015, a non-executive position albeit considered to be one of the most important. Chris boasts a wealth of experience across all forms of motorsport and despite his enormous experience in rallying in a Mini, he is also a Licenced Clerk of the Course for Speed events, often heading the team at Abingdon Motorsport CAR-nival.

Now a retired Network Communications expert, Chris plays an active role in most club events, especially the social side where beer is involved.

Other hobbies include a major involvement with Model Steam and Traction Engines, engineering intricate components in his workshop at his home in Ash near Aldershot.

Ian Brooks – Chairman

Club Chairman, Ian Brooks competed in both rallycross and latterly Tarmac Stage Rallying at club, national and international level winning his class on a number of international events. Starting out in a MkI Escort in Rallycross Ian progressed to a Peugeot 106 Rallyee in which he initially competed in the 1400cc Group N class in international rallycross. In 1997 he converted the car to rally spec before upgrading to a 106 Gti in 1999.  Ian’s rallycross was not without typical clubman competitor problems which included writing off the shell at Longcross whilst trying to win an event outright.

Having concluded that rallying at the level he wanted was too expensive Ian turned his attention to running events. As a qualified Clerk of Course Ian clerked all the Club’s popular Longmoor Loco rallies as well as a variety of other events. He and his red van (soon to be replaced) are an ever present sight at all the Sprint and Rally events the Club runs.

Ian with a keen sailor hence his relocation to the south coast near Chichester, where you will often find him ‘all at sea’ in and around the Solent.

If you want first hand experience of what it takes to put an event together  – stage/course design, setting up and knocking down – then Ian would be only too willing to accept your help and pass on his knowledge.

Dave Whyman – Secretary

As Secretary, Dave looks after much of the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff with Motorsport UK and other related organisations. He is also, for the last 17 years, the Championship Co-Ordinator of the Hamilton Classic ACSMC Sprint and Hillclimb Championships so he’s the man if you have any queries related to speed activities. He claims he is one of the few people that actually reads the General Regulations (commonly known as ‘The Blue Book’) as soon as it’s available!

If you have any interest in taking part in club level Sprints and or Hillclimbs, Dave is certainly the man to contact. He is also our Club Chief Marshal on competitive our events so expect to be contacted when we need more volunteers.

A former IT Project Manager (now retired), Dave started his motor sport career during the 70s and 80’s as a Navigator in rallying, sitting alongside his brother, and others on many National and local stage events so he knows a bit about the ‘Black Art’ of co-driving as well!

Barry Guess – Vice Chairman and Membership Secretary

Vice Chairman and Membership Secretary, Barry is a bit of an all-rounder.

As an International Rally Clerk of the Course, Speed Clerk of the Course and a very experienced MS-UK Steward with Barry it’s definitely a case of ‘Been there – Done that’. He currently masterminds the clubs competitive events whilst also taking on the unusual roles at some very high-profile events such as Race of Champions (at Wembley and the Olympic Stadium) as well as being the Clerk of the Course for the world-famous RM Sotheby’s London-t0-Brighton Veteran Car Run for the Royal Automobile Club.

By contrast to 1 cylinder 1hp veterans. he can often be seen at Santa Pod Raceway, Home of UK Drag Racing where you will find him overseeing the European Championship Top Fuellers as part of the FIA Panel.  Other weekends are spent representing Motorsport UK around the UK at the British Sprint Championship, or alongside Motorsport Vision, BARC or BRSCC where he officiates as an MS-UK Steward at Brands, Silverstone, Thruxton and Donnington (where he also specialises in Truck Racing etc).

Events-wise, Barry heads up the Teams which create and organise the clubs events including our co-promoted Abingdon Motorsport Long Course Sprint, Abingdon Motorsport CAR-nival Sprint and Rally (of which he has been Event Director for 26 years) as well as the Secretary of the Meeting at the Mini Tempest Rallies at Rushmoor.

The latter is an easy-fit as he was the Clerk of the Course and Rally Manager of the South of England Tempest Rally, a one-time round of the MSA British Rally Championship.

He is now ‘retired’ from work as a Heritage Manager for BAE Systems (Aeroplanes, Guns, Tanks and Ships) as well as his other former role as Chairman of the Association of Central Motor Clubs (ACSMC), a post which he held for 10 years and when ‘he’s got a few minutes spare’, he also acts as a South England Forestry Liaison Officer.

Always available for a chat, Barry welcomes newcomers often providing the opportunity to see things first hand as ‘taster visits’.

Norman Phillips – Treasurer

Treasurer Norman Phillips, is truly the Finance Man of the Club, controlling all the checks and balances, keeping the club on a level footing so that is can organise and promote its events with sound financial confidence.

Norm prides himself on not having any motorsport competition background as it allows him to remain neutral having never experienced any ‘Red Mist’.

Norm is a former Metropolitan Policeman who ran both the Met Police and Biggin Hill Flying Clubs, as well as being the Secretary and Bar Manager of Reigate & Redhill Rugby Club. A lot of his time is now taken up overseeing sailing’s National Speed Week in Weymouth although Norm ‘relaxes’ by acting as Facilities Manager on all Sutton & Cheam events, making sure all the kit is in good order and available in the right place at the right time.

Nigel Griffiths – Competition Secretary and General Committee

Nigel is the ubiquitous quiet Welshman with an extraordinary knowledge of motor sport from all angles. Nigel, who lives in Farnham, works fulltime in IT although he is also well-known as the club’s Quizmaster. Nigel looks after the Competitor of the Month element of the club and always has his finger on the pulse of what is going on with the competitive element of Sutton & Cheam Motor Club. Nigel’s level headed approach makes him an ideal candidate when looking for someone to look after the important jobs such as a regular ‘Judge of Fact’ on the clubs events.

Martin Pickles – General Committee

Originally a Formula Ford racer, Martin is now better known as the man behind the wheel of the ‘Green Meanie’, a diminutive carbon fibre, Jedi single seater with bike engine power which he campaigns around the UK (and occasionally Europe) in the British Sprint Championship.

A retired engineer and living in Northamptonshire, he claims he is now devoting his time to further development of the car alongside his hidden passion for river boats.

Gavin Cross – General Committee

Gavin is probably best described as a Serial Volunteer who travels the length and breadth of the country acting as a Marshal, Senior Stage Official, Stage Commander , radio car operator and has previously been seen on rally recovery units . Annually, Gavin looks after the staffing of the Rally Stage at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and helped out on the 2023 running of the  South Downs Stages at Goodwood Circuit as chief marshal.

Tony Perrett – General Committee

Tony is probably best known for his competition car preparation and repair business although he has been known to fiddle with the odd Dalek at charity events.  Tony has competed in rallies and sprints for over 4 decades and apart from campaigning his latest Rally Car, he also hold a Speed National Clerks licence and supports a number of sister clubs throughout the south in that capacity.

2023 saw a return to the rally stages in his Fiesta where Tony contested a few selected local events alongside his son Ben.

Tony is always willing to talk with and advise and help anyone thinking about building a car for competition whether it be a road car or full-blown racer or those simply needing his mechanical abilities.

Sue Fielding – General Committee

Sue acts as the voice of the club, generally from the comfort of her car on a hillside somewhere so that she can act as our event Communications Manager, overseeing the Safety Radio Network.

With around 50-years of motor sporting knowledge although she freely admits that nowadays everything needs to be written down in big typeface. She is always willing to talk to anyone either currently involved in motor sport safety communications, especially those looking for information and guidance on how to get started.

Sue brings with her the skills and knowledge of the remaining membership of the NatWest Motor Club who amalgamated with Sutton & Cheam in 2016.