Team Tempest

What is Team Tempest all about?

Team Tempest represents the competitive element for Sutton & Cheam Motor Club and is taken from the days when ‘Team Tempest’ would field around 20 cars on the old RAC Rally (Now Rally GB). The purpose is to underline the distinction between the clubs motor sporting activities and the club social activities.

Don’t worry it is the same Team, just a different identity!

The basic idea is that ‘Team Tempest’ identifies you as not only Sutton & Cheam Motor Club Members but also as someone who can offer advice, experience, help and assistance to fellow Team Tempest Members.

It’s also a 2-way Street as from time-to-time you too could need some help whether it be borrowing a set of spark plugs or help changing a gearbox, when you’re in trouble and it’s all hands to the pumps, it may be the difference between winning or retiring.

Whether it be as a Driver or Co-driver, exchanging tips or gaining the recognition for running superb events, Team Tempest is a badge that can be worn with pride.