S&CMC motorsport events include the co-organisation of the Abingdon CAR-nival, a rally between Christmas and New-Year, and for many years, the Tempest Stages.

Team Tempest is the name under which Sutton and Cheam Members compete and help organise events.

  • Abingdon Long Course – Live video link

    If the technology holds together, then you’ll be able to see the 2018 Abingdon Long Course Sprint sprint live on Youtube at

  • Abingdon Long Course Sprint a great success

    The Abingdon Long Course Sprint , held on 9th April 2017 proved to be a great first time event. 

    Over 100 competitors attacked the sun-drenched 2 mile course which joined together the Abingdon and Bentley Courses from the CAR-nival.

    Steve Miles took the Fastest Time of the Day honour with a time of 1 minute 28.81 seconds.

    For a full set of results simply click one of the links below

    2017 Abingdon Sprint Overall

    2017 Abingdon Sprint Run Times

    2017 Abingdon Sprint Class

    For footage from the all new ‘Event Live Link’ please see

  • Abingdon Sprint – Officials Meeting and Training 26th Feb

    SCMC and Craven are running the Abingdon Long Course Sprint on the 9th April. On Sunday 26th Feb, the organising team met to run through the plan, roles and responsibilities as well as to go through some scenario training. One of the key elements of this event is that each role has a deputy or trainee. Sunday helped to train those as they learn the roles. Thanks goes to everyone for turning out on a Sunday and to Barry for organising 16 different scenarios covering everything from drivers turning up without licences to what to do when a car leaves the track.