Social – Down the Pub with Dale Huxford – Tuesday 14th Jan ’20 – The Angel, Thames Ditton, KT7 0AU

Come and say hi on the 14th Jan at the Angel in Thames Ditton. The beer and the welcome are both good.

It’s on the main Portsmouth Road, so I’m not taking ‘ I couldn’t find it’ as an excuse, especially from a club full of navigators and others who drive where they’re told.

I would however fully expect Sprinters, like myself, to have an issue with complex navigation. Unless it’s surrounded by Armco and has only one strip of Tarmac I am reliably informed I’m quite good at going the wrong way. You know the one… you’re stuck in a traffic jam and the navigator says “Well, I wouldn’t have come this way, it’s always blocked at 10am, I’d have gone via the Royal Oak junction.” Which of course would have been a really useful piece of information about 10 minutes beforehand. And then there are those that manage to get lost on an airfield sprint, you know, the courses where there are junctions and confusing extra pieces of black stuff. The question therefore is “When are we going to get Google maps for sprinters?”. Think I’d find that useful. Do you think the the clerk of the course would find it useful if we gave them ‘find-a-friend’ capability? It’d be much easier to locate the lost drivers at the end of the day.

Anyway, for fellow Sprinters; it’s at Angel Road, Thames Ditton, KT7 0AU

The rest of you won’t have an issue I’m sure…

See you there, Dale.


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