Interesting Car Night 2019 – Wed 24th July – The 60th anniversary edition

The time has come for ‘ICN ’19’. This year we’re celebrating our 60th Anniversary. A special invitation goes out to any 50’s or 60’s cars, classic, racing, rallying or custom, to be given pride of place in the compound at Guildford Tyre Company this year. Let us know what you’re bringing and we’ll reserve a place.

All members and non-members are welcome. Bring along an interesting car, or just come along, chat to the owners, club members, and browse the display.

We’re promising to practice being better parking attendants this year too. Last year saw about 100 cars and 250 or more visitors. everything from MIlitary to electric was there to see.

Whist not strictly from the 50’s or 60’s, we’ll be inviting Tesla again, and hopefully they’ll be offering the usual passenger rides. 2.8seconds to 60mph is quite something in an electric car.

Tell us you’ll be there (try over on Facebook ) and what you’ll bring, if anything, feel free to be an interested visitor. The time has come for ‘ICN ’19’.

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