Mini Tempest Rushmoor – 29th December 2019


MTR Final Results

Full report soon…

1987 John McKerrell -Metro 6R4                       1988 Robin Herd – Metro 6R4

1989 Robin Herd – Metro 6R4                           1990 Robin Herd – Darrian T90

1991 Roy Gillingham – Triumph TR8               1992 Robin Herd – Darrian

1993 Chris Wood – Fiesta Cosworth                  1994 Tony Rees – Sierra Cosworth

1995 Paul Shelmerdine – Escort Cosworth     1996 Steve Scott – Escort Cosworth

1997 Mark Welch – Escort Cosworth               1998 Dave Jacobs – Metro 6R4

1999 Chris Wood – Metro 6R4                          2000 Dave Jacobs – Metro 6R4

2001 Mark Straker -Darrian                             2002 P Shelmerdine -Escort Cosworth

2003 Kevin King – Metro 6R4                           2004 Dave Wilkes -Opel Corsa

2005 Mark Straker – Darrian                           2006 G Moroney – Subaru Impreza

2008 James Hoseason – Darrian T90GT-R 2009 John Indri – Metro 6R4

2018 Jordan Reynolds – Ford Fiesta             2019 Robert Swann – Ford Fiesta R5

Wouldn’t it be great to see one or two of these making a special appearance at Rushmoor!


Locals will know that the Rushmoor / Pegasus complex is not the largest military location despite hosting various motorsport events for over 40 years.

The 2019 featured 8 stages, contested individually with a short service in between.

Designed as both a season-closer and opener, the event took place between Christmas and New Year and was well-supported by competitors all wishing to blow away the cobwebs of the Yuletide holidays.

As one of the only events taking place at this time of year, it was looking promising that we would see a full 60-car entry although for various reasons a large number of ‘drop-outs’ saw only 50 start the event.

The event ran to timetable and as hoped all of the stage ran in daylight with the final car completing stage 8 just after 3:30 and for winner Robert Swann to receive the winners trophy by 4pm.  Pete and Aaron Rayner collected the emotional Shawn Rayner / Steve Dear Awards for the 2nd year running and despite a few hicuups here and there at the very tight split junction, each of the contestant had a superb fun day out in Hampshire.  Many commented that the event was a lot more testing than expected and simply finishing was an achievement given the technical nature of the short tests. Even Rob Swann claimed the Mini Tempest was probably ‘more of a challenge than the Jim Clark Rally and he needed to concentrate every inch of the way’. 

We hope to be back on Monday 28th December…