Abingdon Long Course Sprint

Sutton & Cheam Motor Club and Craven Motor Club are pleased to present a new motor sport event at the stunning Abingdon Airfield in Oxfordshire, home of the Abingdon Motorsport CAR-nival.

In a change from the CAR-nival format, The Abingdon Long Course Sprint is exactly as it says, a longer, more testing combination of the 2 courses bolted together.

Starting at the top of the airfield (where the Abingdon Course start normally sits) the Long Course follows a similar route through the S bend, around the wide chicane and then on down the straight with the remains of the Didcot Power Station in the distance.

As it sweeps into the long left-hander this is where it all changes as rather than finishing the 1,600 metre course, it carries on out onto the main runway before heading North again along on side of the main runway.

A small chicane precedes the 90 left, long hairpin and 90 left back onto the main runway until you finally reach the finish, situated around the same location as the Bentley course start.

All in all, a course distance of around 2 miles of fun to test man and machine (or woman of course).

2017 Results

2017 Abingdon Sprint Starters

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